Ho Tram Live Concert Featuring Brian McFadden – FREE TICKETS

Superstar singer Brian McFadden of Westlife will be taking the stage in a live concert at the Ho Tram Strip on Saturday, 5 December! Brian’s first ever performance at the Ho Tram Strip will be part of the Ho Tram Open Golf Championship event being held from 3 – 6 December. In addition to this pop sensation, Brian will be joined by other artists including:

  • Đoan Trang
  • Tia Hải châu
  • Thảo My
  • Bảo Quân
  • DJ Taiz
  • DJ Celeste Siam

Tickets are FREE OF CHARGE but available in limited quantity only!

Get Your Tickets Now: http://hotramopen.com/ticket_form/

In addition, ticket holders will enjoy FREE roundtrip bus transportation from Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau.

Bus Schedule: http://hotramopen.com/transport/