Local Attractions


Coming to Long Son fishing village, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, tourists will have a chance to turn into a fisherman, catch fish and enjoy fresh seafood.
After travelling more than 10 kilometers from Highway 51 to An Son island commune, the image of a small beautiful village floating in the water gradually emerges. The hot and muggy weather in the summer is replaced with the cool and fresh air.

This is a beautiful sheep farm on Phuoc Tan St -Hoi Bai, Chau Duc district, Ba Ria -Vung Tau province. This is the residence of 3 herds of sheep, each herd has 150 sheep.
At first, people raise sheep for meat and fur. However, tourists come here to go sightseeing and take photos so they raise sheep to serve tourists. The locals even raise some horses to attract more tourists coming here. That is the reason why this is the best photo spot in Ba Ria -Vung Tau.

A hundred year-old Phuoc Hai Fisherman Village, located in Dat Do district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. This small town is well-known for not only its beautiful, pristine and romantic beaches but also signature dishes such as fish sauce and dried fish. Visitors who visit the village may discover the unique culture of the local fisherman and the salty taste of their life.

Giving its best Rio de Janeiro impression, Vung Tau boasts a giant 105-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ. Standing atop Small Mountain, this statue overlooks the city from a clear vantage point – it is especially beautiful at sunrise. It’s not an easy hike to the top – there are exactly 847 steps to conquer, but in the end you will be rewarded with sweeping views of the coast. Head a little higher inside the statue itself and you can take a look at the city from behind Jesus Christ’s shoulder.

The historic Minh Dam Mountain is known for its lush forests and numerous rock caves, Minh Dam Mountain is awash in history as a revolutionary base during Vietnam’s marathon struggle for its independence. You will have a chance to visit Martyr Temple, Sa Ban showroom, traditional house and artifacts gallery.

Ho May Culture & Ecotourism Park is a great place for a day of fun. Perched atop a hill (a consistent theme in Vung Tau), you can reach this place by cable car. The entrance fee includes the cable car trip and unlimited rides in the park, of which there are plenty! Bumper cars, roller coasters, go karts, water games, even paintball and archery, this is ideal for a group of friends looking to let their inner child out.

Originally a summer palace for the French conquerors, the White Palace has seen its fair share of history, from later Vietnamese leaders occupying the space to exiled Thai leaders being placed under house arrest. Outside, a long row of cannons emphasises the sweeping view of the bay and its strategically important placement.

Located in Small Mountain is Vung Tau’s lighthouse. Said to be the oldest lighthouse in Vietnam, it was built by the French in 1862 as a lookout point for incoming trade ships. The lighthouse is extremely photogenic and worth heading to for the perfect Instagram shot.

It is a gathering place for locals who are seeking luck, health and prosperity and wish to pay homage to the young girl, now known as Long Hai’s protector and goddess. The pagoda is lined with stairs, large trees and frequented by charming old ladies eager to show you around, despite the language barrier. The view overlooking the beach is stunning

The museum is located in a particular cultural institution of the province. This is a place to store, display and introduce artifacts, typical images of the country and people of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province from the prehistoric period.

It took owner Robert Taylor 7 years to earn the necessary licensing to import ancient weapons for this stunning museum standing just below the lighthouse. Taylor has been collecting weapons since his teens and has been going strong for half a century. The 3-story 1500 square metre museum houses over 2500 guns, swords and authentic military apparel dating back to the 1400’s. Do not be discouraged by the unpaved road on the way up, this newly erected gem is a real sight.